Ehlel Publishing LLC

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Ehlel Business LLC

Currently we are working with Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines on formal education as “Terguun Bridge”, alongside other countries to expand its foreign relations.

Our new food delivery service “Pizza Jungle” is ready and awaiting its official launch.

Our purpose is to establish and prepare a cooperative Non-bank financial Institution and Bank to enter the Mongolian financial market under the alias Ehlel Invest.

“Terguun” Academy is our non-governmental organization which provides an unprecedented training curriculum in the field of information technology, aimed at the younger generation in Mongolia has launched an online shopping service that brings together all Mongolian brands to a single location, with easy accessibility.

Ehlel Motivation LLC


Make a positive investment in the future well-being of not only the country, but also the youth and future generations of Mongolia by increasing their confidence, stimulating personal development, creativity and innovation.


Inspire youth towards a beneficial future by providing a brighter outlook, teaching proper mental discipline and self-control through an ethical manner, provide guidance and prepare original text, image and video content regularly.

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Ehlel Hulan LLC

Our vision

Create a Mongolian Brand that can compete globally


Our motto

Honour quality and create value

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Ehlel Electronics LLC

Ehlel Electronics was established in 2017 and is a subsidiary of EHLEL BRAND, which manufactures and sells electronics. We work to contribute to the fact that the name of Mongolia is not a commodity such as mining, gold and coal, but a product of technology, and to be the “Beginning” of value-added brands.

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Guangzhou Institute

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Tselmeg Tech School

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