Ehlel Academy

The National Academy, Ehlel Academy is a leading training facility within the field of Information Technology and has been operating steadily since 2013.

The National Academy

Professions such as Programming, Graphic and Interior Design and Network Administrator etc. are among the highest demand and important professions for businesses today, therefore we are admitting students in said professions, and training them through specialized courses.

Currently our staff consists of 20 specialized professors, with 6 laboratories and equipment for almost 190 courses.

Our Goal

In an era where technological advancements are rapidly developing all around the world, we aim to create a group of specialized individuals from Mongolia that have obtained a high enough level of profession and education which are up to par with international standards by disseminating and educating all of Mongolia in the field of information technology. Furthermore, our long term goal is to train personnel who are capable of competing on a global stage.

And much more ...

Video Content

We will teach you interesting and quality programs based on practice, such as taking photos at a professional level, editing them to your liking, creating unique and creative designs, creating vlogs, video content, and changing your voice.

Music Producer

Learn how to make the best sound for modern music, mix arrangements, create the music you want, master it and write the lyrics.

Special SOFTWARE program for children ( 12-16 )

The program provides a basic, sophisticated system for adolescent learning, and your child will have a high level of basic IT skills.

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