Ehlel Motivation LLC

Ehlel Motivation LLC was established in August of 2019 and specializes in event management, book publishing, video content and marketing management. 

In order to achieve this goal, the company creates video and photo content and distributes it to the public via social media channels and official web pages. It also organizes events, meetings, training courses and seminars. Since its establishment, it has successfully organized more than 10 official meetings and events within the capital city, Ulaanbaator and other local areas.

Moreover, the company also publishes books and pamphlets with inspirational articles. In particular, “The Nom”, “Хэн гэдгээ үзүүлээд өг” /Show them who you are/ series 1 and 2 were published by the company and received high praise and became bestsellers in bookstores. They also plan to produce and sell their own branded products such as notebooks, mobile phone cases, calendars and T-shirts in the future.

In the future, Ehlel Motivation aims to expand and improve its content, activities and publishing activities. We also aim to enter the international market by introducing Mongolian national content as a brand in cooperation with other reputable international organizations and institutions that carry out similar operations.