The National Academy

Professions such as Programming, Graphic and Interior Design and Network Administrator etc. are among the highest demand and important professions for businesses today, therefore we are admitting students in said professions, and training them through specialized courses. Currently our staff consists of 20 specialized professors, with 6 laboratories and equipment for almost 190 courses.

‘TSELMEG’ School of technology and General Education

Since its establishment in 2020, the primary school “Tselmeg” has aimed to provide its students with knowledge of technology that is accepted everywhere in the technological era. Our curriculum was developed with the basis of providing knowledge of technology and software in a proper and well-paced manner. The curriculum aims to introduce knowledge such as Information Technology, Graphic Design, Software, Robotic Technology, and Artificial Intelligence to elementary school level children. Currently we have more than 20 skilled teachers, educators and staff members..

Guangzhou Institute

Its first 100% Mongolian-invested company in Guangzhou, a Chinese industrial region in 2015, and has partnered with Alibaba, Aliexpress platform sites alongside Guangzhou businesses. In 2019, the Guangzhou Institute was established in cooperation with Guangzhou University to import the secret to Asian development and innovation, including Asian-style business management, marketing management and human resource knowledge to Mongolia.

Ehlel Electronics

Ehlel Electronics LLC is a subsidiary of EHLEL BRAND, which sells and manufactures electronics and was first established in 2007. On September 19, 2019 our first fully equipped assembly plant was established with 14 different industrial grade machinery with almost 30 specialized factory workers and currently produces up to 10 different products in the field of Electronics, including mobile goods and accessories alongside USB Cables, Earphone, Bluetooth Earphone, Adapter Chargers.

Ehlel Hulan LLC

In the age of rapid technological development, our ultimate goal is to keep pace with the world’s development and create a brand that can compete with the world’s best brands. We aim to supply cheaper, more secure and better quality products to the domestic smartphone market than imported products, as well as to export to foreign countries. In addition to producing Mongolia’s first Google GMS-registered, officially copyrighted, Mongolian-inspired smartphone, we also offer a full range of services including delivery to your front door.

Ehlel Motivation LLC

In order to achieve this goal, the company creates video and photo content and distributes it to the public via social media channels and official web pages. It also organizes events, meetings, training courses and seminars. Since its establishment, it has successfully organized more than 10 official meetings and events within the capital city, Ulaanbaator and other local areas.

Moreover, the company also publishes books and pamphlets with inspirational articles. In particular, “The Nom”, “Хэн гэдгээ үзүүлээд өг” /Show them who you are/ series 1 and 2 were published by the company and received high praise and became bestsellers in bookstores. They also plan to produce and sell their own branded products such as notebooks, mobile phone cases, calendars and T-shirts in the future.

In the future, Ehlel Motivation aims to expand and improve its content, activities and publishing activities. We also aim to enter the international market by introducing Mongolian national content as a brand in cooperation with other reputable international organizations and institutions that carry out similar operations.

Ehlel Business LLC

Founded on July 30, 2019, as a subsidiary of Ehlel Brand LLC by Soronzonbold Chinzorig, the current CEO, Ehlel Business LLC was established with the sole purpose of becoming a reliable partner as well as a bridge for all individuals, business and organizations and encourage them to participate in a wider range of business activities, while also contributing to the future of the Mongolian financial market.

Ehlel Publishing LLC

Ehlel Publishing LLC has introduced 11 types of books on personal development, business and finance management to its customers with the primary aim of contributing to the intellectual investment of Mongolian youth ever since its establishment in 2019. a source of inspiration & energy Ehlel Publishing is preparing the best books that will be the most useful knowledge for future generations. Encouragement, energy, hope, and understanding are all for you.

Smart IDBM Group

SMART IDBM GROUP LLC is an official distributor of major brands in Mongolia, which produces modern and innovative products that meet international standards. Our company aims to provide an ethical, transparent and open business with high quality versatile products and services that are highly qualified and specialized through our human resources department. Business Development- the right human resources, the right arrangement, the right partner /Assemble optimal human resources, develop them, organize the management of the organization, increase the value and satisfaction of customers/ Transparency and Legal framework / activities in accordance with the law, ethical conduct, openness and transparency / Social development- our Contribution / Contributing to the welfare of society through our business/ SMART IDBM GROUP LLC aims to supply the technologies, goods and services which provide international quality standards in domestic markets, and lead customer satisfaction with our brand new services.


Makers EBO LLC operates by importing mobile phones and its accessories. The world renowned best gaming mobile phone, ZTE, is officially being distributed and sold by their services. RedMagic is a high-performance mobile phone and accessory brand designed and produced specifically for E-Sport enthusiasts, which has been in development since 2017.


Zelme24 is Mongolia’s first ever automobile. With Be the first as our motto, the Zelme24 is one of our new projects. The Zelme24 project is in the process of product research and development, and will soon be completed and Mongolian cars will be in your hands.