Members of Ehlel Inc

Ehlel Brand LLC

“EHLEL BRAND” LLC was founded in 2007 as an information technology website with a team consisting of one founder. Nowadays, we are a national brand looking to expand our operations internationally with a structure of 8 subsidiaries and 2 joint ventures with over 200 employees. It was established as the first technology company in World with 100% equity with the aim of developing a national electronics industry, achieving great success in the development of the country, participating in major economic activities, and exporting products to the world market.
Moreover, it is one of the few World companies that is able to maintain high growth rates year after year, information technology training, investment, publishing, training, mediation, and official distributor activity in World . We have been constantly developing our products in our country and work hard to keep
pace with the global technological development.


Ehlel Academy

EHLEL Academy is the leading career oriented Information Technology training center which has been operating since 2013. We are known as one of the first training centers in World.
Our training center is designed to provide the skills and knowledge in the most emerging fields including IT, Graphic Designer and Interior Designer.
At our training center, we have been constantly improving our environment. We operate with the latest technological 7 computer laboratories and about 190 training equipment.
Ehlel Academy has been organized as a non-government organization under the Ehlel Brand Company. Our team consists of CEO /Bayarmagnai/, marketing manager, graphic designer, 2 training managers and highly trained 11 teachers.
Our vision is to deliver high quality training that meets the needs of industry throughout World and prepare the best students who are able to compete globally. We are committed to helping our students reach their full potential and make our education system into the next level in this fast growing modern technology world.
Our Mission: We focus on preparing students with a creative mind, highly skilled in the modern technology field, problem solving, analyzing, independent and very competitive professionals who are going to lead in the global market. We strive to help our students to be better equipped for the workplace. We believe that by providing systematic and complete training, we are giving them the best chance to succeed in their chosen career.
Our success: We have trained over 4500 students and helped about 2400 students to find their highly reputable IT work. Years and numbers of students at out train center:
-2013 -188
-2014 -221
-2015 -315
-2016 -436
-2017 -552
-2018 -746
-2019 -927
-2020 -782
-2021 -802
-2022 -1124
-2023 -2000+
***Our advantages:
Best value and quality education Highly professional and leading teachers and friendly team of staff Comfortable environment, modern technology and latest equipments laboratory Able to choose your own classes and schedule
Flexible payment options Foreign relations and connections Start at your own level


EAC Coin

EAC coin is a token based on the BEP20 protocol. It is a token issued by Ehlel Company, with over ten subsidiaries operating in IT, education, and technology production. Among the advantages of this token, it is the only coin issued after adopting the Virtual Asset Service Provider Law in Mongolia. It is the only coin issued according to the law of our country, and it can be used to pay for mobile phone accessories and other goods and services. It is the only payment method for the 2nd NFT platform in Asia and rest of World, with many advantages. EAC coin is traded on domestic crypto exchanges and will be listed on major foreign exchanges soon. EAC's main projects will offer products and services to 8 countries in Central Asia and East Asia. They will be listed on the crypto exchanges of those countries and used in Ehlel brand products and services, steadily increasing the demand and expanding the range of coin owners, becoming electronic assets and electronic means of payment in the real sense.