History of Ehlel

        Ehlel is a word that means beginning. The history of Ehlel started with the birth of the Ehlel.com website on November 5, 2007. Our company's motto is simply that the Universe is humanity's home. This symbolizes how we will use products in the Universe rather than just small electronic devices. We, who were the first to produce slight headphones, have now created 36 mobile phone accessories. It seems like a long ago when I sold my first products on Alibaba's affiliate platform and happily arranged for delivery. Our first factory was only 40 square meters, but we have established a complete factory and a trade network reaching many countries worldwide. 09/05/2015 is the day our official company was established in Guangzhou, China. The date of receipt of the first trademark certificate is August 20, 2019. At the beginning of the activity, there was only a team of two people, but today people from many corners of the world create Ehlel. In the past, we have released two types of mobile phones: Hulan21 Plus and ModunC7 Pro. Also, Ehlel's subsidiaries have expanded to 8 in total. We are currently focused on the mobile phone and accessory manufacturing, education, construction, and non-banking financial institutions markets. Join us in the great work of building a world-class technology company.
Sincerely, Ehlel