History of Ehlel

Ehlel, which means "beginning," started its journey in 2007 with the launch of Ehlel.com. Driven by the vision of a Universe where technology serves humanity, we initially focused on small electronic devices like headphones. Today, we've expanded to create 36 mobile phone accessories, a far cry from our humble beginnings selling on Alibaba.

Our first factory started small, just 40 square meters, but with dedication and hard work, we've grown into a global network with a complete manufacturing setup and a strong trade network. In 2015, we officially established our company and received our first trademark in 2019. What began as a team of two has blossomed into a diverse group of individuals contributing to Ehlel from around the world.

We've ventured beyond accessories, launching two mobile phone models – the Hulan21 Plus and ModunC7 Pro. With 8 subsidiaries now under our umbrella, we're actively involved in mobile phone and accessory manufacturing, education, construction, and non-banking financial services.

Our journey is far from over. We invite you to join us in our mission to build a world-class technology company that makes a positive impact on the world.