Ehlel: A Future For Everyone

Ehlel, a global company headquartered in New York, has established a stellar reputation for providing exceptional technology at attainable prices. 


Our unwavering commitment to democratizing access to innovation has fueled our growth, establishing a loyal customer base across diverse markets like China, the United States, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, India and Mongolia


With a robust network exceeding 700 official distributors, Ehlel products have empowered over 2 million users worldwide.

Batzaya Chimidgochoo/ CEO

our story

Ehlel started in 2007 as a simple website, Over time, we've faced challenges and grown into a group of 11 companies working together in education, manufacturing, and trade.

our mission

We want the world to recognize that exceptional innovation isn't bound by borders. Just as iconic companies have emerged from diverse nations, reshaping industries and perceptions, we believe in the limitless potential of technology created beyond traditional centers of power. Our commitment to creating high-quality tech products fuels our ambition to be counted among globally respected innovators, contributing to growth and progress on the international stage.

our values

We are committed to "winning the competition fairly and building our capacity." This means working hard, playing fair, and constantly learning and improving.

Amplifying the Success of Our Partners

Our commitment to affordability directly translates to increased sales volume for our resellers. This mutually beneficial model allows their businesses to thrive alongside Ehlel's continued expansion.

Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation

Technological excellence should not be a privilege reserved for the elite. Ehlel is dedicated to making powerful tools widely accessible, empowering students, businesses, and ambitious individuals to reach new heights and realize their full potential.

Deep Roots, Esteemed Reputation

Proven Leadership

Our extensive network of subsidiaries spans multiple continents, demonstrating Ehlel's commitment to worldwide technological impact. With a strong base in Shenzhen, China, we are a globally respected corporation driving innovation across diverse markets.

The Pursuit of Relentless Refinement

We tirelessly endeavor to enhance our products, integrating superior features while steadfastly maintaining our commitment to affordability.

Unparalleled Value for the End-User

Consumers deserve access to the latest technological advancements that enhance learning, creative expression, and connectivity – without compromising their financial well-being. Ehlel delivers on this promise.

Prioritizing Function Over Frivolity

Ehlel rejects superfluous features that inflate prices. Our focus remains on proven technologies, intelligent design principles, and streamlined production processes, ensuring maximum value reaches the end-user.

support that inspires confidence

Regardless of your Ehlel device, our comprehensive support system is designed to ensure you extract the maximum potential from your technology.

fostering a brighter tomorrow

Ehlel's success allows us to reinvest in educational initiatives and cutting-edge technological research, driving advancements that uplift entire communities.

your ideas spark global transformation

When technology becomes universally accessible, the resulting surge in innovation has the power to reshape our world. Ehlel envisions a future fueled by the boundless creativity of empowered individuals.

Our Work

Factory: Our commitment to quality and innovation extends to in-house manufacturing. We operate a cutting-edge electronics factory on top of our Shenzhen base, ensuring full control over the production of our wide product range. This includes smartphones, USB cables, earphones, Bluetooth earphones, and chargers.


Products: We offer smartphones and a variety of electronic and mobile phone accessories.


Distribution: We have over 200 dedicated employees who distribute Ehlel products through over 700 official distributors and organizations throughout the world, reaching the United States, China, India, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.


Official Distributors


Products Sold