Dust and dirt will not enter your phone, even in the desert or in a big storm
Your phone is protected from water, even in the deep sea
Even if a truck runs over it, your phone won't be damaged
The phone fully complies with US military standards (MIL-STD-810)

Defender D23 Super Rugged Mobile phone in the World

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Defender! That is a super rugged phone. Suppose you want to buy a phone that won't crack. Defender is the best choice for you. Defender boasts world-class rugged technology, including IP68 and IP69 technology. 

It can be your reliable companion at the highest mountain peaks, the most bottomless sea bottoms, vast plains, winter, summer, and even deserts. It won't break when dropped from multiple floors or run over by a heavy truck; it still works perfectly. If you need a super rugged phone that can withstand even space-like conditions, look no further; there's no phone more durable than this. You can now hold the king of rugged phones, featuring IP68 and IP69K technology, offering dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof protection. This rugged phone meets US military standards.

You can trust this phone in harsh conditions with Dustproof, shock, and shockproof protection. A rugged phone meeting US military standards (MIL-STD-810) is ready.

Includes 10 unique features
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most unique OF DEFENDER

compare   ━━ Ten of the most unique advantages of D23

#1: It will never break or crack

#2: It works well in harsh conditions, such as water, storms, deserts, etc.

#3: Includes dust protection, shock protection, and water protection.

#4: Hold the power for a long time and get a quick charge.

#5: It work#FF2A00s normally from 70°C (158°F) degrees Celsius to -40°C (-40°F) degrees Celsius.

#6: Included MAGNETOMETER. This magnetic compass sensor works to help you find your way when you access apps like smartphone positioning and location maps.

#7: Included GRAVITY. The gyroscope sensor is responsible for the automatic rotation of the screen whenever the phone is rotated. The largest application allows smooth rotation of many game actions with 3D motion. Simply put, angular velocity is measured in degrees and seconds.

#8: Included GYROSCOPE. Perform automatic power button actions based on your smartphone's accelerometer and other sensors. In other words, if you put the phone on a surface or hold it to your ear while making a call, the phone screen will turn off and the phone screen will automatically turn on when you turn it away or move it away.

#9: Lighter in weight compared to other rugged phones.

#10: Complete delivery anywhere in the world within 7-12 days of ordering, with no additional delivery charges


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