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Thank you for visiting our website for more information on the distribution opportunities.  
Whether you're interested in selling our products as a distributor or just looking to make a single bulk order, we're thrilled about your interest in our products and look forward to helping you find a solution. 
Join in our growth as an EHLEL brand distributor or vendor.

Why become an EHLEL distributor?

1. Massive Global Market
No matter where you are, a mobile phone and the global market for accessories are essential. With EHLEL, you can strengthen your business in the enormous potential market.

2. Multi-dimensional Product Lines
EHLEL can offer you different product lines based on your different customer levels. And our highly reliable and quality accessories can significantly reduce your running costs.

3. Beat the Competition
Many other mobile accessory brands must offer a wealth of raw material resources, rapid technological improvement, and substantial control of production costs like EHLEL.

4 Training & Support 
Distributors are the foundation of EHLEL's successful global business, and we invest accordingly. Distributors receive considerable initial training and ongoing technical, sales, and marketing support.


Join our growth as a distributor of EHLEL brand products. 
EHLEL specializes in consumer electronics and Cellphone accessories such as Earbuds, Headphones, Data Cables, Chargers, USB 3.0 connectivity devices, and more...
We look forward to continued growth and welcome new opportunities to increase sales and expand our regional distribution.

We're looking to partner with companies who can offer the following:

 Demonstrated influence over a specific local market 

 Proven and creative product promotion strategies 
 Established sales and distribution channels
As an EHLEL business partner, you can look forward to the following benefits:

Regular launches of new and innovative products
Professional partner support
Access to exclusive technical and marketing material
Distributor promotions and offers run throughout the year.
Trade show and exhibition support
High-resolution images for advertising
Sales support videos and images for the website
Online training, webinars, and account management facilities
 Distributor Pricing
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