Bluetooth Wireless Earphone 5.0 BT-10 [MBT102]

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- Comfortable to wear
- Easy to use
- Updated Bluetooth 4.2 chip
- 110mAh will work continuously for 8-9 hours
- Magnetic sticker function
- Works at a distance of 10m
- In Mongolian
- High quality clean sound

- Model: Probazz Bluetooth 4th Version
- Wireless Bluetooth version: v4.2 + EDRV1.0 v1.1 v1.2 v3.0
- Product weight: 17g
- Battery capacity: 110mAh, charging time 8-9 hours
- Wireless distance: 10m wave pull
- Wireless frequency: 2402MHZ - 2480MHZ
- Voltage: 3.6v - 4.2v
- Charging voltage: 5V/100MA-300MA


Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


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